Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pleeeeaaaase can I have some???

Mikey, dying to dig in!


Jill Knapp said...

I am glad I figured out how to write you a comment.
I sure hope I wrote you a year ago when you posted on my blog.
I broke my ankle falling on black ice and I was just viewing all of my comments people left me because I am almost to the 1 year mark since I broke my ankle. Anyways If I did not comment back because of the pain meds and I am just not remembering. I am sorry. Your comment was very sweet and I appreciate what you wrote.

Jill Knapp

Rachel said...

hey very cute blog. I especially love Abby's skills, she should think about a career in cosmetology!

Mona said...

Okay. I would NOT be able to resist!!!!!Popcorn is my red-light food -- all discipline out the window!

I'm so delighted you've joined Mona's Musings- I think we may be birds of a feather. I post every Sunday and hope that you will get involved in the discussions that follow (it really should be called "Mona AND FRIENDS Musings"...) I'm having a random drawing for ice cream parlor gift certificates from this week's commentators. Did you send me your mailing address yet for my CD set of "With Mine Own Hand: The Musical Account of Nephi"? I look forward to getting to know you!

Your newest friend,

Anonymous said...

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